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Shock absorbers

Worn shock absorbers - don't take the risk.

Don't underestimate the importance of your shock absorbers - many people don't even realise they're intended to keep your tyres safely in contact with the road!

What are shock absorbers?

Your steering, stability, handling, ride comfort and brakes all depend on your shock absorbers to work at optimum levels. Shocks and struts are important components of the suspension system. Replacing worn or inadequate shocks and struts and thoroughly inspecting the entire suspension system will help to maintain good vehicle safety and control.

What are the symptoms of worn shocks?

If you notice symptoms you should come and see the team at Marjac Automotive in Maroochydore for a road test by our qualified technicians. There are some very distinctive clues of excessive shock absorber wear and tear :

Trouble stopping

Worn shock absorbers can add as much as 20% to your stopping distance. That's the sort of fault that can be fatal and requires immediate attention.

Nose-diving and swerving

If the bonnet of your car dips when you brake or slow down, or your vehicle swerves under brakes, you may have a shock absorber problem.

Bad vibes

Uncomfortable steering wheel vibration could be shock absorbers.

Side slide

If your car veers in side winds, particularly when the wind isn't so strong, you could have shock absorber problems.

Shake, rattle and roll

Notice that your car 'rock and rolls' over bumps, railway tracks or uneven surfaces? Not hugging the bends? Time to visit Marjac Automotive for a checkup!

Uneven tyre wear

If your tyres are wearing unevenly, particularly if there are bald patches, odds are it's your shock absorbers.

Monroe Safety Specialist

Marjac Automotive are proud members of the Monroe Safety Specialist Program and embrace the philosophy of "technology-driven safety". You can rest assured that Marjac Automotive is trained to ensure the product that best suits your vehicle, driving style and needs are always correctly specified and fitted.

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