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Modification certificates

Modification plates and certificates at Marjac Automotive.

You might wish to modify your vehicle to give it a distinctive appearance, to improve its performance, change the engine, suspension, or add a long-range fuel tank. Maybe your proposed modification is to make your vehicle suited to a very specialised purpose like off-road racing.

Whatever the reason, vehicle owners that want to modify their vehicles need to follow the standards and guidelines that have been set out by the National Code Of Practice (NCOP) for light vehicle construction and modification. Although the NCOP was accepted for use in Nov 2012 in QLD there are variations for certain sections that apply here. For further information about these variations, please refer to the vehicle standards instructions at http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au

Does my modification need approval?

There are some minor modifications that can be carried out without obtaining written approval such as some long-range aerials or roof racks but in cases of more complex modifications, approval by the Department of Transport and Main Roads or one of their approved persons must be sought, and modification plates and certificates provided. There are some modifications which can only be approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads directly. Understanding the codes and guidelines can be difficult - if you are unsure if your modification needs approval or would just like some advice please call us.

How are vehicle modifications approved?

Modifications covered in the Code of Practice are inspected by Marjac Automotive's approved person to ensure the modifications comply with vehicle standards. If the modifications meet the required standards we are authorised to provide a Certificate of Modification and fit a modification plate to your vehicle.

Most vehicle modifications covered in the National Code of Practice can be inspected and approved right here at Marjac Automotive, including:

  • Substitution of major car components such as engines, transmissions, differentials and brake systems
  • Rear axle replacement
  • Installation of roll bars or cages
  • Seating capacity alteration and seat belt installation
  • Child restraint anchorage installation
  • Fuel tank alteration
  • Steering conversions

It is recommended to consult with Marjac Automotive before you start any planned modifications to your vehicle as often there are components that need testing that will be inaccessible once the work is completed, and by contacting us early we can arrange to inspect the vehicle at appropriate stages throughout the modification process, as well as actually perform many of the modifications for you.

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