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Is keeping your cool costing you fuel?

Evaporation occurring over time or leaks may diminish refrigerant pressure meaning your air-con system will begin to deteriorate and will have to work harder, raising your fuel consumption.

Therefore, it is important to undertake a regular check of the condition of the rubber seals for any signs of leaks or issues which could well be allowing a loss of refrigerant.

Getting your car's air conditioning serviced yearly means you may assist in preventing costly breakdowns now and in the future, keep passengers safe by helping to prevent the build-up of potentially harmful substances and a well-serviced car air conditioner system actually saves you money because it reduces the amount of fuel being used up.

Marjac Automotive care about the environment and have ARCTick Authorisation (AU19255) to reliably and responsibly conduct automotive air conditioner regas, inspection, repair or servicing.

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