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Dyno Tuning

When we Dyno tune your vehicle we are performing a car tune-up of the highest quality, using a measured and systematic approach, which will provide you with more power, and the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle.

DynoTuning for Modified and Customised Vehicles

You've invested a lot of time and money in your vehicle's performance - finish the job right by making sure the engine is running at it's maximum potential.

Every car has subtle differences and this is especially true with modified vehicles - a standard tune-up just won't cut it.

To get the best possible performance from your beloved hot rod or custom car there is no substitute for an expert dyno tune by someone who understands and shares your passion for driving an ultimate performance vehicle.

Here at Marjac Automotive our experience working with a full range of vehicles means our Dyno Tuning is second to none. Our passion for Classic and Muscle cars, combined with our constant auto-tech training in modern car technology means we are the best choice for Dyno Tuning of any make or model of vehicle, old or new.

What is Dyno Tuning and why should I Dyno tune my car?

Simply put, a Dyno tune means using a Dynometer to measure and compare power transfer at different points on your vehicle, thus allowing the technician to modify or tune the engine or drivetrain to get the absolute best and most efficient power transfer possible.

This means your vehicle will be able to create more power and use the least amount of fuel to do so. The result is better overall performance, better fuel efficiency and less carbon emissions.

My Car isn't custom or modified - do I still need a dyno tune?

Any type of car can benefit from a dyno tune. It's not just about super hot rod performance - it's also about economical performance.

Dyno Tuning optimises your air/fuel ratio which means your car will use less petrol,  which is good for your wallet and for the environment. If you're unsure if your car would benefit from a dyno tune - call us today - we are more than happy to discuss your vehicle and give you some advice


If you would like:

  • More Power from your car
  • Maximum Reliability
  • To spend less on petrol/ Better fuel economy
  • Improved Engine Responsiveness
  • Greater Torque Spread

Then a Dyno Tune at Marjac Automotive on the Sunshine Coast could be for you ! Call Us Now.

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